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Hybrid Information

 All technical talks in the conference will be available to virtual attendees via Zoom webinars. Zoom links and passcodes will be emailed to all CSW registrants just before the start of the conference.

Virtual attendees will not be seen or able to verbally ask questions. Questions can be submitted through the chat and/or Q&A feature. CSW session chairs will moderate the chat to ensure presenters receive virtual questions. 

Virtual presenters will log on to their specified link and will be promoted to a panelist. This enables presenters to share their screen to show their slides and give their talk. They will be able to answer questions verbally and through the chat / Q&A function. CSW session chairs will be available to help facilitate. 

Poster session two will be hosted virtually on Gathertown. Instructions are available for download. The actual link to Gathertown will be emailed to CSW registrants just before the start of the conference.

If you experience technical difficulties during the conference, please email csw2022usa@gmail.com and CSW staff will assist you as soon as possible.